Online Books

Below is a collection of online texts that you can view at home or on the IWB!

Storyline Online (Audio/Visual/IWB)
A wide collection of books read by famous actors. Follow along with the pages of the story on the IWB.
  Speakaboos (Audio/Visual/IWB)
Speakaboos contains a huge selection of books with animations to go with the narrated texts. Many of the texts also have followup activities or games to accompany them.
  Aesop’s Fables (Audio/Visual/IWB)
Read along stories presented with interesting artworks.
  AOL Kids Online
A collection of stories to share on the IWB, especially stories containing the character ‘Arthur’.
  Reading is Fundamental
Stories and story songs, including some in Spanish.
  Read with Me eBooks
Offers the option to view the story together, or for the students to read independently on the computer with assistance at reading new vocabulary. Teacher and parent notes to go with each story.
  Read to Me
Similar to Storyline Online with stories by a collection of well known American authors read aloud.
  National Geographic Young Explorer
A large collection of non fiction texts, especially about animals. Click on the different sections of text to read them aloud. Pages turn like a real text.
  Children’s Storybooks Online (Text)
The stories on this site are text based, not audio or visual. Great to have students read along.
Rosie and Wallace Stories
Designed for prep and junior primary. The books contain many frequently used sight words and are sequenced from simple text and repetitive sentence patterns to longer stories with more complex sentence structures. Created by Queensland DoE. Also available, Far North Queensland Stories, Charlie Pasta: Cook Master (suitable for those beginning chapter books) and Fairy Tales.
A collection of children’s books read aloud by other children.
  Junior Crew Bookshelf
This blog has a collection of lots of different individual stories from a wide range of websites.
  ITV’s Signed Stories
More books for the IWB but with the added bonus of being shown in sign language. Has many well known stories, including books Elmur and his Teddy. Organized nicely into genres.
  We Give Books
This site contains a large collection of non-fiction texts. While they are not read aloud, they are great for the IWB. Many of the DK non fiction series are here.
  Online Storytime by Barnes and Noble
Another great collection of interactive texts, with a new book added each week. Features well known stories such as the Pigeon series and books by Dr Seuss.


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