Here are some games and resources that may help you revise your maths learning! These activities are currently targeted at grade 5 and 6. Keep an eye out for Prep – 4 coming soon!

Measurement and Conversions

  • Award Ceremony (Online)Use this game to practise ordering decimal numbers to the hundredths.
  • Build a Shed (G) (E) – Build a shed in this game as you convert between metres and centimetres.


  • Bang on Time (Online) Practise matching written times with the analouge clock.
  • Stop the Clock (Online)Practise matching analogue and digital times. You can practise hour and half hours, quarter hours, five minute and one minute intervals. The last level also allows you to practise 24 hour time!
  • Model Clock (Online) - This isn’t a game, but is a great clock for learning to read and record the time. It has so many different options that you can use!


Measurement (Perimeter and Area)

  • Area and Perimeter (Online) – Revise the meaning of the terms area and perimeter and learn how to find the area and perimeter of different shapes.

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