Typing Practise

Practise your letter recognition and typing skills using some of the games below!

 bbb Big Brown Bear Typing
Recognise where the different letters are located on the keyboard
  Cup Stacker
Practise your Cup Stacking by typing the letters highlighted. Easy starting point.
  Keyboard Climber
Help the monkey climb to the top of the tree. Climb by entering the letters that appear on the screen.
 tr Typing Rocket
As the letters appear on the screen, try to destroy as many as you can!
Sheep Game
Rescue the parachuting sheep by typing the letters that come up on the screen.
  Dance Mat Typing
A great funky way to help you practise typing with fingers in the correct positions.
ghost Typing of the Ghosts
  Z-Type Space Shoot
Practise typing whole words with your fingers in the correct position using this ‘Space Invaders’ style game.
tt Typing Test
How many words can you type in just one minute?
 test Typing Speed Challenge
Test your speed and accuracy with this activity.


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