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Berwick Fields opened in 2006 with 140 students. This grew to almost 200 by the end of the year. In 2007 the school enrolment is approximately 370 students in all levels from Prep- 6. Berwick Fields’ main aim is to foster qualities and skills in students which will enable them to adapt to change and become effective members of the community. Great emphasis is placed on caring for the students, staff and parents by providing an environment that is safe and secure and encourages, recognises and rewards achievement and effort.

“Learning Community” principles are an integral part of the educational philosophy of our school and are underpinned by “Excellence in Education” tools and processes. Through this model we aim to enable students to become more responsible for their own learning, behaviour and interaction with each other and the community.

Our ‘Learning Community’ is built upon four distinct but connected areas that need to be in place to develop a healthy, productive environment. Health and Well Being involves ‘managing self and relations with others’. Community Development is about ‘enabling individuals and groups to act effectively in the world’. Essential Learning focuses on ‘understanding the world in which we live’. School Improvement endeavours to ‘improve the capacity of individuals, groups and the school to have a positive impact in the world’.

A comprehensive, contemporary curriculum is provided to meet the individual needs of all students and is implemented through an integrated approach, team teaching, cross age and peer tutoring.


We are striving to build an involved community; one that fosters the achievement of personal best and helps make a difference to others.


To engage members in innovative and meaningful learning experiences, within a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, and where care for the environment is demonstrated.

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