Investigating Countries and Cultures

Here is a collection of resources that will be useful for investigating different countries and cultures. Use these websites as a starting point for your information before attempting to use Google to find answers.

Remember to look at menus, headings and for links on the sites, just like you would use a contents page or index in a book. Just because the information is not on the first page you look at, does not mean it is not there.

Starting Point

Start by searching for your country on Qwiki. Look and listen for key words about your country that may provide you with topics to investigate later on! For example, find the names of major cities, historical events and famous people so you can search for these topics later.

You may then like to look up your country on the Simple English Wikipedia. If you find this article to easy or simple, you might then try the main English Wikipedia. Again, look for key words and phrases. This is not your main research, but a starting point.

Remember, just because it is written on the internet does not make it a fact! Does the information on Wikipedia match Qwiki and the other websites you visit?


Sites of Use

Do you now have some basic information about your country? You are ready to go further using the following sites!

TIME for Kids: Around the World
The TIME website ‘Around the World’ has information on a wide selection of countries. It has great inforomation about national histories, entertainment, language and ‘a day in the life’.
National Geographic Countries Explorer
Use the arrows to navigate through this easy to read and understand website. Also has great videos, photos and maps.
  Global Trek
Enter a country to visit and you will be able to find information about the country and its people.
BBC Country Profiles
This website has more detailed information on each of the countries around the world.
  CIA World Factbook
The CIA World Factbook has statistics on all of the world’s countries.

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