Resizing Images

When you download an image from your camera to your computer, chances are the file size will range from 3MB to 10MB+. They also have a huge resolution, well beyond what is needed for the blogs or using on the school computers. The large photo size will cause the network to run slow if you are using them as a whole class. When blogging, the file size limit on the blog is 5MB.

There is a handy tool you can use however to resize your images as a batch in Windows. It is, funnily enough, called Image Resizer. You can download it here:

When you have downloaded the program and installed it, it adds an option to the menu when you right click on a photo, like the one below.

You can select multiple photos at the same time as well to resize, rather than just one.

When you’ve selected your photo or photos, click the option in the menu and a box like the one below will show up:

You can select which size you want your images to end up. The large option is more than sufficient for blogging or use at school. It will decrease file size from 5MB+ to about 250kb… about 20 times smaller!

When you have pressed resize, you will end up with the new resized files.

Use these files for uploading to the blog, or copying to the network, and you should find it a whole lot faster. It should also save you from running out of space on your blog!

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