Including video on your blog

Assuming you have blogging permission for each student, the best way to place video on your blog is using the site Vimeo. You can create your own account and follow the instructions below to do it yourself. Alternatively, place your video files on the T:/ under ‘Digital Literacy/Videos’ then send me an email, and I will upload them to the school account for you.


Doing it Yourself

To start with, you will need to register a Vimeo account:

You can create your video using a range of different tools: Windows Live Movie Maker, Movie Maker 2.6, iMovie, PhotoStory etc. The files should be saved as MP4, MOV or WMV in order to be uploaded.

When you have logged in to Vimeo, go to the menu up the top and click on ‘Upload’.

When you are on the upload page, you will need to switch to the Flash uploader. The AJAX uploader will not work on our network (if your computer is like mine, the AJAX one works at home, the Flash doesnt… try it out). Please keep in mind the need to follow copyright law… do not use copyrighted music in your videos.

When your video is uploaded, it will need to process. This can take up to an hour. It will send you an email when done.

You will then be able to change the settings. Under ‘Privacy’, un tick the option ‘Allow other people to download the source video’ and ‘Allow other people to add this video to groups, channels and albums.’ Also, under ‘Who can post comments on this video?’ change the option to ‘Only my contacts’.

You may also like to change your Thumbnail, to make it something more relevant than the one it chooses.

Now, to get it in your blog.

To see your video on Vimeo, go up on the top menu to ‘Videos’ and then select ‘My Videos’. Select the video you want.

When you are viewing the video, if you hover over the clip you will see some options. One says ‘Embed’, as shown below. Click here.

This will bring up the embed menu which looks like this.

If you’re happy with basic settings, leave it as is. You can also customise the options by clicking on customise at the bottom of the menu. You may like to make it bigger… dont make it more than 600px wide though as this is as wide as most themes will take.

When you are ready to embed, you need to COPY the code from the textbox at the top of the above menu. This is then going to go into your blog.

To put it in your blog, create a new post. Write your introduction. You will then need to switch to HTML mode using the tabs at the top of the posting blog.

You can then paste your Vimeo code here (on a new line) and press Publish. Badda bing, badda boom, your video should now be on your blog. Pasting it in Visual mode will not work as it will not turn the code into code.

I hope that all made sense.. post below if you have any questions or send me an email :).

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