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It’s great to see so many blogs up and running now across the school. So many of you have created posts and had students commenting on questions and what has been happening in the classroom. As we take small steps to grow our blogging knowledge, what might you do next?

One feature you may like to add to your blog is a ClustrMap.

What is a ClustrMap?

A ClustrMap is like a counter, that records the number of visitors to your blog and where they have come from. For example, here is the ClustrMap for our 56C blog last year.

On our blog, it appears as a widget in the sidebar like this. It shows the number of visitors to the blog as well.

Why would I want a ClustrMap?

There are many reasons why you might choose to install a ClustrMap on your blog. Some of these include:

  • See how many visitors are actually looking at your blog.
  • A point of discussion. Start the day or week looking at your blog (a great habit to get in to!) and seeing who has visited the blog. This also gets the students in the habit of looking at the blog and allows you to highlight what you have put online. It maintains their interest and excitement in the blog as something to check out at home too. Highlight comments they have posted the night before. Check out your map and see which countries have visited the blog. Identify the countries, continents and capital cities. If you haven’t got a visitor from a certain continent, why not find a class with a blog there and visit them – I am sure they will return the favour!
  • Maths discussion. Look at your visitor total and talk about how many visitors you have. What do the digits in the total represent. How many visitors do you need to reach 100? 1000? 5000? Predict where you will be tomorrow or at the end of the week. Great quick mental maths problems. Keep a track over a week and see what the difference is. (Thanks to Kathleen Morris’s post for ideas here)

How do I install a ClustrMap?

  1. Visit the ClustrMaps website:
  2. In the ‘Create Yours’ box enter your blog’s URL (copy it from the address bar – it will be like
  3. When you press submit you will be taken to an admin page. At the bottom of this page is a text box full of code (it says [A] Recommended Code].) Copy this code.
  4. Open your blog’s Dashboard. Go down to Appearance and click on ‘Widgets’.
  5. You will need to drag a ‘Text’ widget over to the side panel. See picture:

Paste the code you have copied into this text widget, like so:

Click save and then go to your blog. You should have a ClustrMap in your sidebar! Leave it a few days and watch the visitors start to roll in!
As always, if you need any assistance, just pop in and ask. Feel free to share below any questions, problems or ideas you find using the ClustrMap!

One thought on “Adding a ClustrMap

  1. Hi Mr Mills,
    I have followed your great detailed instructions on how to upload my video onto my blog (which I have done..YIPPEE!!) but I am having some trouble doing the map one.
    Just wanted to say how great your instructions were and easy to follow!
    Mrs. Sweeney

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