Create your own avatar!

An avatar is a visual representation of yourself online. For example, this is my avatar. I made it using the ‘Wimp Yourself’ website.

Creating your own avatar

Remember as we talked about in class, it is important that you own or have permission to post all the content you share on the blogs and online. Using an image of a company logo, famous footy player or games console is not your own work. You can use one of the websites below though to create your very own avatar, that really represents you. Pick one of the websites and then follow the instructions at the bottom to upload your avatar. A big thanks to Mr Baker who originally shared these websites.

Wimp Yourself

Create yourself as a character from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid stories.

Build Your Wild Self

Create yourself as an animal or character.


Want to look like a Wii character?

Lego Avatar

Turn yourself into a minifig from Lego!

Manga Maker

Is Manga your thing? Create yourself as a manga character!

Mess Dudes

Our last option is a to create yourself as a Mess Dude character!


How do I save my avatar?

Many of the sites above will not allow you to save your avatar without an account. But you do not need to create an account to save them. You can save your picture by using a tool on your computer known as ‘Print Screen’. Print Screen takes a photo of what ever is on your screen. To use it, just click the Print Screen button on your keyboard. It is in the top right hand corner. On a laptop, you may have to hold down ‘Fn’ (in the bottom left) at the same time as pressing ‘PrtSc’.

When you have printed the screen, it is copied to the clipboard. Open up Microsoft Paint and select ‘paste’. You can then get rid of the bits of the picture you do not want and save the image. Make sure you save it as a PNG or JPEG file.

How do I upload my avatar to my account?

Log in to your blogging account. Access your profile by clicking on your name in the top right corner and choosing ‘Edit My Profile’. When your profile loads, scroll down to the bottom of the page til you see the avatar section:

Click the ‘Choose File’ button and find where you saved your avatar. When you have selected it, click the blue ‘Update Profile’ button. All done!

If you need help with making your avatar, see Mr Mills.

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